Blatent Bay Manufacturing Offer

Blatent Bay is currently looking for a major company to lead the manufacturing district. The position includes promotion of services/products.

The prices for the factories are as follows.

Large $500
Medium $200.
Small $100

Selling factories, as well as modifying, is allowed.

Please post applications below with the following format:
Company name
Factory size

Octopus Inc
Player & Town services
Viewing required


JX Potions & Ingredients (Blatent Bay Extension)
Potions & Ingredients for potions

Uk, What does the Player & Town services include?

For example:
Town service- Rent usage of iron farm
Player service - Wither killing while you wait

There shall be more soon! Could I see the different sizes as I may downgrade to medium depending on the specifics?

Redstone Co. (And all Redstone Inc. sub-companies)


Redstone Co., Redstone Co. Redstone, Redstone Co. Solutions, Redstone Co. Shipyards, and Redstone Co. Demolitions


Buy 'n Sell


Stone, Leather, and Logs

Showing Requested

Anything and everything as I get around to it.
Idk, should probably see them 1st I guess…


UK ill sell you my factory in blatant bay, i found no use for it (biggest one in blatant bay so far)

Don’t worry about the factory Javierero. I’m building another one for Uk.

I already have my factory javi! It is exactly the same colour as yours but way better :wink: . Also thanks again for the house in cherry’s town. I haven’t built my meth lab and cocaine farm yet, still need some ferns.