Blast from the Past

I’m back (again, I know. xD) And thought I’d upload some old screencaps I found. Some are my houses on the server and old maps, others just funny moments.,KNOTkPn,l16Wbyd,C449Z3e,itRr3Zb,hqTwzfp,07bST0r#0

(If someone wants to reformat this to work on the site, feel free to do so.)

Welcome back! My username is koalamama, but most people call me koala. If you need any help, or your just bored and want to talk someone, I am usually in game. I am glad you have returned! :slight_smile:


I know, right? Good to be back, and this time, I’m gonna try and stay for a longer time.

you’re trusted in game and mod on here?

I used to be a moderator, but it was removed with my long absence. Minor discrepancy.


You’re just gonna leave again in a week or two </3

Photo 7, was that in the spontaneous town me and Fatso started on one of the temporarily updated servers aaaaaaaages ago? Looks like it. If not, ignore me.

BUT HEY! :smiley:

Nah, that was a little settlement I set up. xD And my rank is a little wonky on the server. I am Trusted in server, Moderator here, but actually, in game, I have permissions that a Moderator should have. I can see and talk in /a, for example, the staff chat and all, and have access to locked chests.

Zak welcome back I think I have some of your stuff from last map in Beachside which I bought over for you. I should be back on server by Sunday so if you not found your stuff - which is in my house at Beachside, my house is on waterfront next to library. Your stuff is thru the front door and straight on to back room.

I sold that mutha fucka for CRACK :’)

Anyhow welcome BACK TOpoooO O PCB :D!!

I am I the only one the laughed at the image where GGG said he was god?