Blast From The Past

As i was going through my mIRC folders i found a little folder called logs. Inside this folder are all the logs since the moment i got mirc. The youngest log in there has chat logs from when i was a builder with echo and eddy. it also has chaos47, Jukarius1, and doomedscar.

There are logs from me and bravelittletoaster (echosonaho), classic, and Beta from when the Corrupted chunk happened. Almost all of the chat from after the chunk incident has been logged up until recently. Theres even a part of the chat where i call andy a douche (chat with echo). And it has the log from when i got promoted to adv builder for making a Chuck norris Mural.

Bravelittletoaster= Me and echosonaho having a long convo over the server and other things.
.Gamesurge= Recent logs and old corrupt chunk logs
.synIRC= classic creative logs from a LONG time ago.


It’s a coincidence that I saw another player on Gmod called bravelittletoaster… Is that him by any chance?


then, I know him since… 2008/2009 o.O


would read em, but i looked at one and realised it is just a continuous stream of stuff…

Wow! It’s when I became ADV on the Creative. Good times, good times.

[18:20] Hard24get: CONGRATS
[18:20] JetBirdie: No way! THANKS YOU GUYS!
[18:20] chaos47: CONGRADGULATIONS
[18:20] chaos47: SPELLED IT WRONG :d
[18:20] raColson is no longer AFK
[18:20] chaos47: LMAO
[18:20] Hard24get: LOl
[18:20] Hard24get: he ra tra
[18:20] JetBirdie: xD
[18:21] JetBirdie: This means that…yes! i can build in the big city!
[18:21] chaos47: lol
[18:21] Hard24get: lol
[18:22] Hard24get: and one day u will rise to op…

And on that day, the prophecy of TheFonzOp was foretold.


Hard has spoken!