Blacklisted Items

Please note this list is very outdated and that the server is under new management. Thus far, the only item that is truly dangerous is the Mining laser. We still allow it, but only to approved individuals.

[size=1.45em]I took this list directly from the developer, I will compile a list of specifics later, but this should give you a very good idea on what is banned and why. You shouldn’t be able to craft these items. If you have any specific items you would like to be unbanned post here, I will look into them and approve them.

[size=1.35em]Equivalent Exchange Bans

Players will whine and complain about so many EE items being banned, because they want to become invincible gods who lay waste to continents, hurl thunderbolts from the sky, and crap diamonds. You can’t allow this kind of behavior, because it will ruin the fun for everybody else on your server. Tell those players to play single player, or start up their own server and ruin that instead.

Pretty much all of the power items have an extreme world-changing power which completely bypass Bukkit plugins altogether, dodging both anti grief and change logging. Unfortunately, most of them have a secondary fire (usually R or C or G key by default), making it impossible for any plugin to prevent them from being used once a player has them. Therefore, most of the power items are completely banned (no crafting, usage, or ownership without explicit permission).

[size=1.35em]Magical Rings and Tools

The Black Hole Band is banned due to a duplication bug in EE which allows players to duplicate any item.

The destruction catalyst ring and its big brother the catalytic lens are both banned because they can wipe out huge areas of the world very quickly, and they bypass plugins so you can easily wipe somebody’s protected house, or the admin-built city, and admins wouldn’t be able to restore it or even have a record of who changed the blocks. Further, a player who isn’t abusing it to grief can still very easily grab all the diamonds in a large area, robbing other players of the opportunity and forcing them to travel far from home to get any. Blocking right-click isn’t enough, because both these items also work with alternate fire (default R), so their ownership is banned. Leaving them in the game for all players would result in a wrecked world, widespread build grief, and a serious diamond shortage (lots of complaints from new players). Many of the rings and dark matter / red matter tools fall into this category - they ignore anti grief, are free or cheap to use, can very quickly make a huge mess which can’t be easily undone, and the jerk will get away with it as long as nobody saw him do it.

[size=1.35em]Weapons and Top Tier Armor

The abyssal helmet is banned because it allows the player to press R to fire a lightning bolt at anything for free, even rapid fire. It can be used to kill players even when PvP is off, and kill animals which would otherwise be protected by anti-grief. Similarly, the power weapons are banned because their R abilities can harm players and protected animals even when PvP is off.

[size=1.35em]Philosopher’s Stone

Note that the philosopher’s stone is not banned, even though its R ability can turn any animal into a Mooshroom (hurtful to the economy), and can turn another player’s animals into the wrong type of animal. It can’t be reasonably ownership-banned, because it’s the key ingredient in the most important block in Equivalent Exchange, the alchemy table. Its right-click ability could be used to grief another player’s protected build, so that ability is disabled.

[size=1.35em]Energy Collectors

The energy collectors are banned because they turn light into energy, which can then be turned into almost anything the player wants (including diamonds and other non-renewable resources). With the right setup, a player can literally have a sandwich while diamonds magically fill up a chest in the game, with zero active effort on his part and at no cost (the energy comes from light emitted by glowstone). Basically, the player now has an infinite flow of diamonds that he doesn’t have to work to maintain. Once a player has all the diamonds he wants and more, of course he will be happy to give them away, since they’re worthless to him but valuable to others. Now your whole server economy is wrecked.

If you install this plugin on a server where you’ve already been playing with others, I recommend you put energy collectors in your “world ban” list to ensure any already placed are destroyed.

[size=1.35em]Red Matter Furnace

There’s a duplication glitch in EE which allows a player to duplicate any item using this furnace.

[size=1.35em]IndustrialCraft Bans
UU Matter Recipes

UU matter is an ingredient for lots of otherwise non-renewable resources including diamonds, redstone, coal, and so on. Unfortunately, UU matter itself can be made from renewable resources like wind and sunlight. So SOME of the UU matter recipes are banned. Most of them are not, and in particular, it’s still possible to craft the highest-level IndustrialCraft armor.

[size=1.35em]Mining Laser

The mining laser behaves similarly to some of the EE power items. It simply destroys too much world too quickly, creating potential for disaster in a griefer’s hands. Note that players can still mine quickly with the diamond drill, which is still very fast, but not banned.

[size=1.35em]Crafting Ores

Because UU matter can be made from infinite energy sources like wind, sunlight, and water, a player can generate infinite UU matter, which can then be crafted into ores, which players ordinarily have to work to locate and collect. To protect the economy, the crafting of ores is banned. For a server economy to work, it must be based on something that’s in limited supply, and in Minecraft, that’s ore.


The explosives are NOT banned because they do respect anti grief rules, and the default for THIS plugin is to prevent block destruction from explosions above sea level. This means a player can’t make a big, unsightly mess with these, but can still play with them underground for fun and to mine.

[size=1.35em]ComputerCraft Bans

Turtles simply don’t respect anti grief, and can both place and break blocks, making them a great griefer tool. Further, a very simple program can send a turtle off to wreck a large area while the griefer isn’t even logged in to control it. Note that computers are NOT banned, so players can still have fun coding some gadgets for their builds.

[size=1.35em]BuildCraft and Other Bans
I’m not 100% sure which mods each of these comes from… :slight_smile:

[size=1.35em]Frame Motor

The frame motor is SO much fun to play with, but unfortunately, it’s easy to use the frame motor to either push unwanted blocks into another player’s protected area, or even steal blocks from another player’s area.


The cannon ignores anti grief, allowing player the player to break blocks he doesn’t have permission to change, similar to the EE power items.

[size=1.35em]Crafting Blocks

[size=78%]Some crafting blocks (like the automatic crafting table) are banned because they can be used to work around the crafting bans, allowing players to craft banned items. These items would then be confiscated almost immediately, so that player would have wasted the ingredients used to make the item, which is very upsetting. So many crafting blocks are banned by default, so that players don’t accidentally make banned items.

Like I said if you have any specific requests, put them here so I can look over them. I am already considering taking the UU thing out.


Teleport pipes of all kinds are banned. This is due to a glitch which causes the server to crash if they are used with any EE item in the player’s inventory.

So nukes and catalysts are allowed provided they are blown up underground?
Also, are condensers banned? They don’t allow unlimited production of items like collectors.

Looks good! only one im upset about is frame motors, if you havent tryed them then they are basicly sticky pistons with a longer reach. The dude who wanted them banned in this text is probally right to do so as they could cause greif on a larger scale then the pistons could. But i ask that we give them a go for a while and see how it pans out? :smiley: i have used them on the current map for a few things and they are truly cool XD

We dont have the player area protection anyway do we? so if they were gonna greif someone with this, then they would be fookin dedicated to go as far as set up a motor system rather then just mine their home.

We actually do have player area protections, except only I know how to use it right now.

Adkins aren’t restricted by the plugin at all, and even for certain ranks I can unblock specific items I believe. So say that you are trusted or donated, you might have access to a few more items than everyone else.

Condensers aren’t banned as far as I know, if they are let me know and I will unban them.

You are right about Nukes and Catalysts. I haven’t actually tested that part of it, but it should work.

Auto crafting tables are VERY helpful for when you want to make factories and if you don’t have those then how are you going to be able to make those? Sure players can create the banned items with it, but that is their own fault they should know that those items are banned. If they do have banned items well then we just confiscate them or even ban that player if needed. Without these then it’s not that because then you have to do everything even though making the whole factory will take a long time to make to… But you would be able to do more things with these and all I ask is that they should be able to be used. That’s all that I can tell that should be unbanned atm and anything else that others have already said.

I think that UU Matter should be unbanned, I have a high powered nuclear reactor(2030eu/tick) and it still takes a while to actually make one UU matter. Sure its not that long, but UU matter is pretty fair in its energy consumption.

UU matter is not banned. Certain items it can create are. UU is super easy to get with a 24/7 server, I have gotten many stacks in the matter of hours.

I’ll look into auto crafting tables.


i have no idea what this is lol… im such a nooob

Tekkit is a bit complicated O-o

ITs WAYY to complicated for my teeny fragile mind

wow… so many things i don’t understand. Ill probably be on again tomorrow though, getting back into the swing of things

Sip could you post the other banned items that you didn’t put down under ‘Buildcraft and Other Bans’?
Because I have a feeling some things from Railcraft I’ve attempted to make (as in they went poof) are banned.
In which case I’d like a material refund…

I think Teslas need to be unblacklisted. They offer great protection against uninvited guests.

I want my alarms back… How am I supposed to tell if I’m low on power if I’m mining? D:

I don’t have a full list because I have to manually check each of hundereds of items. I don’t have time for that until the weekends. I am still experimenting with things, and this is a “beta” so its not ready for primetime. I just need it to be open to more people so I can fix things. Thanks you.

Ok, we’ll wait for then.

I think Fillers crash the server , i know i had a go with one and it lagged like a bitch :confused:


Filler was fine with me, i used it multiple times clearing and setting up a area for mine liams and rubys mansion.