Bitchy Staff

Before anyone get’s a wrong idea from the start, no, I am not hating on staff. I just want to say that the online OP’s have been a bit grouchy to make good decisions. I have seen a couple of examples where OP’s have banned people a bit too fast. (Like Removed due to twan saying not to mention names) Again, not being mean, just want to bring this up, and hear other people’s opinions on this! :slight_smile: Please note if this is an offense in any way. If that is the case, this community is very closed minded :frowning:



Perfectly alright you are entitled to your own opinion, I think it is important that you do speak up so thank you.

However I don’t think we are banning people too fast, we have rules in place which they do not follow, whether some staff are more lenient than others maybe staff have become stricter with the rules…

I think it would be better not to mention specific people if you do want to share a bit of feedback on how we come across.

The staff have reasons for banning people if they break the rules. tbh, I don’t think the Op’s are grouchy. They are just doing their job.


This is the same situation. Vir expressing what he believes on the server, and me on the forums. Is there something wrong with OP’s hearing someone’s opinion on the server? :-\


In my opinion, I find it a bit rude on calling the topic “Bitchy staff”. Because the staff aren’t “bitchy” they maybe are just making some mistakes. Maybe say, “Grouchy staff”.

It’s my opinion, and my topic. Thanks for your input. :slight_smile:

EDIT: And it catches eyes! :wink:


I was just thinking that.

Sort of clickbait-y, don’t ya think?
Next time let’s go for titles like “My Opinions on Staff”, because you never even specified bitchiness once in the initial post. You should always make titles relevant to what you’re saying. An analogy for this is somebody making a post called “BIG EMERGENCY PLEASE HELP” and then the only substance being “I’m lonely and bored.” Don’t make clickbait-y titles. Be a responsible forum citizen.

Here is a perfect example! It’s fine if you don’t have time, but if you don’t have time, then why post at all? It was not a click-bait, it is simply what I use to describe this kind of attitude. :smiley:

Best of Days!

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to be honest, there have been quiet a few posts regarding the staff and server lately, for me, the staff are doing good, though the ban list may seem long, would u like to have tons of griefers destroying everyone’s city?

if the staff are in a bad mood and a server criminal joins, would you rather have the staff do nothing or have him punished so he doesn’t continue?

-king regards whbilbo ‘.’

This post is a joke.

Either come up with examples (without names) of actual cases of “bitchiness”, instead of bellyaching. Because all I see here is attention-grabbing title, and whining about people who break the rules getting banned, as it should be.

And as a retort, do remember that, while we do not call upon it, well, ever, we have a rule set in place that states that staff may ban anyone for any reason. We prefer sticking to actual reasons, but we’re not out of our bounds at all. We follow our rules we have in place, so we expect those who play on the server to do the same.

If you would kindly read through the post and your own comment, then you would maybe understand.

A major motif I see in all of these posts is that there’s no actual contstruct here: just blatant criticisms with no real content.

Anty, I ask you this. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to get something done or are you just throwing out criticisms for no reason? If something should be done, highlight your views in a constructive post rather than throwing out criticisms of how I and other staff conduct themselves.

And, I don’t really understand this idea of banning too fast: I’m not going to talk it out with a griefer before banning him; he can explain himself on a ban appeal.

Please take the time and read this and if you do want to challenge me on what I am about to say, please feel free to ask me in-game:

This post is a prime example of what I think is getting out of hand, I thought the first post was of interest I answered, however from then on, people’s comments have steered this post away from its purpose. Do you need to put forward your opinion on everything? No, so why do you do so? Why couldn’t people who had related and constructive things to say post and everyone else kindly mind their own business?

Of course I don’t mind in some posts, feel free to say whatever you want, but this post had a purpose to challenge staff so as a result, since Anty seems to be the only one who had something interesting to say I am going to propose we lock this.

I am merely expressing my opinion. If this is against the rules, fine, ban me. I am trying to show that OP’s need to take a bit more time and thinking for banning. Scroll up, I have given an example.
And, without knowing it, the OP’s that have replied to this post (Exclusion Twan) have shown the exact behaviour I have seen in the ban appeal sections. Thanks for taking time and helping me out in my little experiment! :wink:



Again, nothing real was accomplished here. All you did was waste time with complaints of things that were solved.

Saying “Fine, ban me” is irrelevant as well, as we don’t ban for complaints, we ban for offenses. Now kindly relax a bit. Surely you’d understand staff being upset when we see the topic “Bitchy Staff”, and complaints that we’re not doing our job proper.

All of this is massively derailed and unnecessary. Locked.

You didn’t see the second page of that ban appeal then.

This was a rare occasion of a staff member making an incorrect decision (as in misinterpreting a rule instead of just making an unpopular decision). In the appeal, staff came to his defence, we had a nice little debate, and the ban was overturned.

Let me stress this as the final point on the topic:

Yes, we do make bad decisions occasionally.
No, they are not permanent.
If we make mistakes, they are fixed.

EDIT: found the link.

EDIT2: nvm that actually was the link.

It seems someone doesn’t like server rules and discipline im naturally grumpy anyway most of my fellow peoples on here will agree its not bitchyness is enforcing rules and power upon wrong doers. OH WELL

This thread is now locked. Thank you for your opinion, Anty.