BigCity Rules

[size=2em]BigCity Rules.

These rules apply to BigCity v6.0 and later.

  1. Seek permission from a SOP/Admin or Wairoa before building.
  2. When building, please keep to the theme of a modern city. (Exceptions can be made for older architecture)
  3. Floors must have a minimum headroom of 3 blocks on upper levels, and 5 blocks on the bottom 2-3 levels.
  4. Build right up to the pavement/sidewalk. If your build doesn’t reach the pavement, extend the pavement to meet your build, or ask a member of staff to move your build closer.
  5. Please avoid editing the large roads. Small roads may be edited to suit your building, but the large ones must remain as they are.
  6. Please understand that buildings within BigCity may be moved or removed if they obstruct other plans, don’t fit with the theme, if they are not deemed to be of a high enough standard, or for any other reason.
  7. Staff RESERVE THE RIGHT to alter, move, or remove your contributions without reason, but will only remove contributions in extreme cases.
  8. No random builds outside the city limites without EXPLICIT PERMISSION
  9. If you have World Edit in BigCity it is to be EXCLUSIVELY use there. Failure to do so will result in permissions removed and builds suspended/deleted.
    Failure to meet these standards may result in loss of build rights.