BigCity Build Contest... Again!

I promise this one won’t fizzle out, or be affected by map transfers.


It’s that time again, so let’s jump straight into the rules.

  1. Minimum lot size is 20x20 and maximum is 230x230
  2. The theme is, as always, a modern city. This does NOT mean exclusively skyscrapers. Other types of buildings and parks can be entered too.
  3. Build your lot in creative.
  4. Build to the edge of your lot.
  5. All suitable builds will be copied over to BigCity.
  6. Because of this, you should NOT include footpaths around the edge of your build.
  7. Group builds are allowed, but there is no guarantee the same prizes will be made available to all members of a group.
  8. Entries are to be posted here including co-ordinates of the build, lot size and all names of participants.

The contest begins right now, and entries should be submitted by Saturday 2nd November.
Entries will be judged by myself, and possibly 2 others.


1st place:

1st choice from game pool
5 spawn eggs of your choice
$5000 in game money

2nd place:

2nd choice from game pool
5 spawn eggs of your choice
$2000 in game money

3rd place:

3rd choice from game pool
5 spawn eggs of your choice
$1000 in game money


Rome: Total War
Super Hexagon
Left 4 Dead 2
Crusader Kings II
Super Meat Boy*
Amnesia: The Dark Descent*
Batman: Arkham Origins

*Non-steam - multiple copies available.
All other games redeemable through steam only.

Sooooo… If I made a park/courthouse, that would be okay?

I am talking kind of like Central Park-sized park.

That would be absolutely fine John. Just keep it maximum 230x230, as that’s the block size in BigCity :slight_smile:

Of course. I’ll begin working on it next week.

Awesome. Looking forward to seeing some of the submissions :smiley:

I suck at building :frowning:

Still have a go. No reason not to really.

Also thanks to Goof for donating Batman: Arkham Origins

Shame its during the city palooza contest…

Perhaps we can extend the deadline past the City Palooza Contest?

I second this motion.

Would be cool!

I second his second

All in favour say whubilly10 is the best

no u. But yes. To the initial motion. I’m the best though. k? k.

The Palooza ends on 1st October, but ok!

Extended to Saturday 2nd November

Bumping this for all to see.

A sticky would probably work for me.

Rhymeply :slight_smile:

Another bump!

Looking forward to some great entries here!

6 weeks left!

Cries Why now!? I’m working on /warp teamred (PCB City Palooza) Aint’ got no time fo’ no bigcity!

On a serious note, I would like to participate, but I’m too busy with the Palooza right now, just very bad timing.