BigCity Big Build Blazes Back!

BigCity Big Build blazes back bringing bigger, better booty!

BigCity needs more buildings again!
We need your help: make us something to put in our renowned city project!

  1. Minimum lot size is 20x20 and maximum is 230x230
  2. The theme is, as always, a modern city. This does NOT mean exclusively skyscrapers. Other types of buildings and parks can be entered too.
  3. Build your lot in creative or BigCity.
  4. Build to the edge of your lot.
  5. All suitable builds will be copied over to BigCity.
  6. Because of this, you should NOT include footpaths around the edge of your build.
  7. Group builds are allowed, but there is no guarantee the same prizes will be made available to all members of a group.
  8. Entries are to be posted here including co-ordinates of the build, lot size and all names of participants.
  9. Interior is not necessary, but you stand a better chance of winning if at least the ground level floor is furnished.
  10. For the 1st time, you may submit more than 1 entry, however only 1 entry per person can win a prize.

Contest ends Sunday 4th January Friday 9th January at midnight GMT. That’s over a month to get these entries in!

1st Place:
$5000 in game
5 spawn eggs of your choice
1st pick from Game Pool

2nd Place:
$2000 in game
5 spawn eggs of your choice
2nd pick from Game Pool

3rd Place:
$1000 in game
5 spawn eggs of your choice
3rd pick from Game Pool

All entries posted here will receive $200 in game, including multiple entries from the same person. More entries means more cash winnings!

All entries which make it onto the shortlist of 6 will receive $500 in game.

Borderlands 2
Rome: Total War
Left 4 Dead 2
Far Cry 3
Saints Row 4 GOTC Edition
Grand Theft Auto Bundle (Contains GTAIII, GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas, GTAIV, GTA: Episodes From Liberty City)
Natural Selection 2
Game Bundle (Contains Alpha Protocol, Company of Heroes, Rome:Total War, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit)

Medal of Honor (Origin)
Mirror’s Edge (Origin)
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition (Origin)
All these games (non steam):

All games not in the Pastebin link are available through Steam only unless otherwise specified.
Multiple copies are only available on games in the Pastebin link unless otherwise specified.

'mirin yer alliteration bruv

syk shit innit



I’m in.

Shit be goin down

Wait, question.Can you submit your build in TestCity?


Hmmmm interesting… 8)

World edit yay or nay?

Yasssssss, got 3rd place last time, now going for gold!

Gunna go with yay to worldedit for this, but only for simple things like filling a wall.

So no domes, cylinders, funky patterns etc.

Cool cool, might join in then.

it would be a good excuse to jump onto PCB survival, so I’m in




pretty sure ya got a 0% chance of winning there


Stay on topic guys and stop posting shit that could give people seizures, because that was too much.

In survival? I think I could do it :stuck_out_tongue: have you seen my latest town warp courtesy of Ruby if I remember correctly

I am in :smiley:

anything in survival count? i got a sky scraper in the works that might be done by then.

I guess so, yeah.