Big Project Last Week of February

I am willing to start a big project with everyone on the server! I wish for all of the ProjectCityBuild community to do a nice project that would start from tomorrow (24th or February)! Ill be online from about 5pm Central European Time Zone (UTC+01:00)! Anyone who is willing to join or thinks its a good idea pls support! Tnx :smiley:

Uh, what’s the project?
Gotta make sure it’s badass.
Nobody likes things that aren’t badass.

I was thinking of anything large but i guess it could be a medieval town with everything or an epic scenery from a movie. :slight_smile: But we can choose anything at all by voting.

Is it my city? Or are you copying me

U want to help me? I think you’ve seen my city before

Btw late reply XD
But no Skee i wasn’t trying to copy u and since the project failed no need to get woried.

Buddy please don’t post in old forums ok?

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