big problem for pcb :(

recently as in today i was in my town when a chunk inside it went corrupt and nearly crashed the server and . there is no way anyone can go back there all i care about at the moment is my ore and gems 1 stack of gold 5 stack of iron i had 27 diamonds in there leo had 45 and mcc has 34 diamond also 40 obsidian 20 stacks of wood and two of each type of record i am not trying to rip the admins off but i would be extreamly grateful if an admin refunded them. WARNING NOBODY GO THERE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED IT WILL =ban

We have been reimbursing players who have chests in bad chunks. Is this the same bad chunk that is located in vaio’s town?

This chunk is in a whole other town. I noticed the way the trees were and i went to spawn and tp’d them out of there

yep whole diffrent town and its it too squished in to go into or it will crash the server

All of our hard earned things and town are in there and im with 121, id really like to see my things again.

something worse has happend the old world is completely becoming corrupt.

We don’t really care much about the town we care about or items.
If there is anyway to get our items back we would be extremely grateful.
If you cant get them back maybe we could give you a list of our most important items and you could give us them.
Here is the list:
Diamonds I had about 45 121wer had about 27 Mcculloch99 had about 35
Iron ingots 5 stacks
Gold ingots 64
Gold ore 32
Obsidian 40
Green Record 4
Gold Record 2
Wooden Planks 25 stacks
Glass 2 stacks
Lapiz Lazuli Blocks 64
White wool 1 and a half stacks
Brick Blocks 64
Sugarcane 5 stacks
Pumpkins 64
Cacti 2 stacks
Red dye 1 stack
Yellow dye 1 stack
Smoothstone 64
Glowstone 2 and a half stacks
Bonemeal 5 stacks
Bones 1 stack
Empty bucket 9
Water bucket 9
Lava bucket 9
Milk Bucket 4
Redstone 4 stacks
Note blocks 12
Minecart Rails 3 stacks
Powered Rails 20
Slimeballs 64
Please do this as soon as possibe we cant do anything without our items

Done. I’ve placed it all in a locked chest next to spawn for you in 2 double chests.

It’s along the path that goes to my house and portals from spawn (not the forest entrance)

can someone please unlock the chests for leothellama mcculloch99 and me due to the fact that we all share our items

Also done. Please take the items immediately as we are switching the world over in 1 day

I was out of town when you put our items in the chest and Im not sure if 121wer got the items because i think hes out of town now

Leo’s right, 121 is out of town and i don’t know if he got the items so when he gets back we’ll find out and if he didn’t please duplicate them again.