Big City Plans

Big City is finally going to be big this time! Building of the CBD has started with about 25 buildings finished. It will eventually span a huge area and because of that, we must reserve he area around it.

Please do not build ANYWHERE near Big City. And by that, I mean within a 1000 block radius. Any buildings found in the way will be moved (not destroyed).

The picture below is a crude mock-up of the first area we hope to build. Please note that it will be much larger than this.

Building in the city is currently not allowed without permission.

That is actually going to be a big city

Can’t wait til its done!

You know the squiggly road on the left you should make that a lighthouse and a really tight twisty road leading up to it

I am LOVING this idea :open_mouth: Maybe have tunnels through mountains too? and some roads around them :stuck_out_tongue: