Big City Full

Just wanted to you guys know the final remaining plot was built upon.

Personally, i dont want to see bigcity gone or anything, so i say that it should either be expanded in size, cut down on the bad buildings (which has been agreed upon but not much action taken) or another map to be made for new advanced city buildings to take place on.

I agree with expansion and demolition. I would also like to see existing buildings furnished. I hate those hollow shells. >:(

I’d really rather see expansion then any new map. As for demolition I still stand by my opinion that any buildings in doubt should be posted up on here and be voted on.

I want to know. WHO MADE MY H TOWER IRON. It was Black ( not ob)

its kinda crayzy do demolate other buildings and they mayby whant them back! but if they agree its ok and i hate hollow-buildings its kinda iritating when a big building its just filld whith air or stairs