There is a corrupt chunk at /warp spawn.
I tried to go there to see the water/lava grief that was there, and the server crashed when I got there.
So there’s two problems:

  1. There’s a HUGE water/lava grief in Big City.
  2. /warp Spawn is a corrupt chunk.

Just wanted to let you all know!


oh no, for now dont come on( just to avoid these chunks)

We’re aware of this issue. Kyle is restoring a backup of bigcity, you’ll be able to get on then.

Ok, thanks. Just post on the forums when I can get back on please, I won’t be able to see it otherwise (obviously).


Yay! Thanks

It’s not fixed!I just tried going back on, and it crashed again

Also:On top of one of the buildings in Big City, whoever did the water/lava wrote "PCB is full of assholes."Just saying.

Please do not triple post, Just take your post and modify it please.

Ah, sorry, forgot about that

Also, is there any way to tp/warp me out of big city so i can get back to my city?

It is fixed enough that you can get on now. Suggest not building in Big City for now.

Eta for it getting fixed? Also how far back will it be restored to?

Fixed as much as it is going to be. Unless I hear we have a backup that is. I and others put in a lotta work to fix the map. Only one small chunk was removed from corruption. Like, 15x15 or something.

I believe the map is just about back to how it was before all this crap.