Big City Build Contest is Back!

[size=1em]It’s been quite sometime so here’s a quick refresher for those of you who may not remember or seen how these are run.

[size=1em]Here we go again…

[size=2em]Big City Build Competition.

[size=1em]Think bigger and better then ever before,
[size=1em]The Wild, the wacky the wonderful,
[size=1em]Good luck to you all only the strongest survive…

[size=1.35em]The basic rules haven’t changed…

[ul][li][size=1em]Minimum lot size is 20x20 and maximum is 230x230[/li]
[li][size=1em]The theme is a modern city. Think the modern cities we live in. It does NOT have to be a skyscraper. Be creative and impress me.[/li]
[li][size=1em]Your entry can be built in Creative or Bigcity.[/li]
[li][size=1em]The winning entries as well as two runner ups will be copied in to big city, so please remember to stick to big city build rules,[/li]
[li][size=1em]As your build may be included in Bigcity you should NOT build footpaths.[/li]
[li][size=1em]Group builds are allowed, however there is no guarantee that you will all receive the same prize.[/li]
[li][size=1em]Entries are to be posted here, please include your name, lot size and the names of all participants.[/li][/ul]
[size=1.35em]However here’s the twist.


[size=1em]Contest ends Saturday 18th November at midnight AEDT.

UPDATE: Due to a lack of entries the deadline has been extended until Midnight December 3rd AEDT


1st Prize:
1 month of Donator privileges,
5 Spawn Eggs
1st Pick from the game pool

2nd Prize:
2 weeks of Donator privileges,
3 Spawn Eggs
2nd Pick from the game pool

3rd Prize:
1 week day of Donator Privileges,
1 Spawn Egg
3rd Pick from the game pool.

All winners and two runner ups will have the entry copied into Bigcity.

[size=large]Game Pool

Far Cry 3
Saints Row IV GOTC
[size=1em]GTA San Andreas
[size=1em]Rome: Total War + Barbarian Invasion

[size=1em]Dead Space
[size=1em]Dead Space 3
[size=1em]Crysis Maximum Edition

Remember guys, Big City uses a scale roughly of 2.5 blocks for every metre (2.5:1), so anything too far from this scale probably wont get into Big City.

Best of luck everyone! (FYI I’m entering because I want undertale :))

A list of my excess Humble Bundle stuff to add to prizes coming Soon™


I’m here to ask my stupid question. hehehe
1.Interior yes or no? and does it have to be modern?

P.s.: its actually 2 questions

Le answer. the idea is that it can be put in big city

A new challenger has entered the arena!

Name: verajasper

Lot size: 26x37

Participants: verajasper

Coords: -9684 75 5024

Make sure to include the exact coordinates when you finish, I’m going to have to view quite a few so if I don’t know where it exactly is I’m not going to judge it. This applies to everyone.

[s]Skyscraper at 7472, 300, 5355

yes, the big gray one[/s]

disqualified, I used w/e to stack it

<Big_City> 1370 190 1307

Lot Size: 295x71
It’s to scale, I can’t really make it much smaller :confused:

Yes it’s mostly monochromatic, but there are IRL ones like that

My entry: Dwarf and Finch - Attorneys at Law. because what’s more modern than a fancy law office XD

Lot size: 30x30
Coords: -2443 / 78 / 1412

First build of this type, hope you like it ^^ also, there’s a hidden emerald block somewhere in the build. and take the time to read the signs, some are pretty funny.


The giant container crane?

@ghostinmachine7 yes

Nice work.

Only two weeks to go and there’s not many entries… I encourage you all to have a go. Unfortunately, If I don’t get enough entries by the end I wont be able to continue the competition so please talk to your friends and encourage others to have a go. I really don’t want to have to call it off because there’s not enough entries. Also, If you checked the prizes since the initial post, Ruby did a sneaky and added some more games in.

I’ll make an entry when I get home in about 10 days Em.

I am going to make an entry by tomorrrow, haven’t finished my build unfortunately and I am grinding a lot.

More entries when?

You have one week left, please get you entries I don’t want to have to cancel the competition because of their not being entries. You have until midnight Saturday November 18 AEDT.

@Penguina is an idiot and didnt actually enter us into the comp but both she and I did an entry in BC at -70x -1180z

Apologies for being late to reply I just started a new job and haven’t replied yet. The number of builds is enough to warrant a competition with prizes. As there were a large number of people who seemed to be unaware of the competition I’ve decided to extend it until midnight December 3rd AEDT.

Name - pierocks4133 (aka just pie )
coordinates - XYZ: -441.088 / 81.27789 / 3728.497
dimensions - 60 x 40
type of build - train station