Big City Big Build

Time: 11:00pm GMT
Date: 07.10.2011

What time is that?
07:00pm EST USA - Friday 7th October
04:00pm PST USA - Friday 7th October
11:00pm GMT - Friday 7th October
09:00am EST AUS - Saturday 8th October

Location: Creative Server

Hosted on the Creative Server, the Big City Big Build (Freebuild Friday) is a chance to showcase your ability to build modern skyscrapers.

There are 25 build spots up for grabs. Head towards Big City and visit /warp BigBuild to reserve your spot with a sign. Building will be open for the entire weekend, and upon its conclusion, the winner will be voted for on the forums.


  • Only one build spot per person
  • Only the first 25 players to reserve a spot may participate
  • Place a sign on the land to reserve your spot
  • Do not build outside of your designated area. This includes any overhanging upper levels
  • Try and use up the entire allocated space
  • You must build a building. It is in a style that will fit into Big City
  • Each build site at its conclusion must have a sign with your name on it
  • You may participate as a team (but only one site per team)

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This was long ago and it’s still on the front page.

Vaio, it’s next friday

EDIT: Corrected the dates on the front post to avoid confusion.

I’ll do it then.