Big City Big Build: Thanksgiving Edition

Probably not. It should be quite a bit taller. It doesn’t have to be from your own town. Pick a random city and go exploring (from your computer that is)!

You won’t need permission to build as it will be on a different map. You have a 48 hour period to build the building. You also do not need to build the interior floors except for the ground floor. This means you only need to build the shell (outside). I have found that I can build a skyscraper in 2-3 hours without worldedit.

Haha as always I can’t participate, but I would like to cheer on whoever is. My birthay is tomorrow, for some people it may already be tomorrow. So whoever wins, they can put up some screen shots with a sign or something acknowledging my birthday as my late present. Only if you want to anyway. And hey, why limit it to the winner? :wink: Lol i’m just joshin’ with youz. Good luch everyone!

I’m entering. No one try to build Taipei 101, I get dibs on it!

First place now has a choice of Borderlands 2 or Sleeping Dogs

Aww i wanted that! had a web bookmark and all sorts of stuff =’[

[Edit] I might go for the Bahrain World Trade Center instead now, looks like a challenge and alot of fun, so umm… dibs?

[Double edit] How big are the lots going to be? it would be good to know for planning reasons

I’m wanting to do Makkah Royal Clock Tower :stuck_out_tongue: Well I’m hoping I can that is XD

Haha these builds are gonna look awesome! Good luck to everybody participating! ^-^

I’m doing a building in Sacramento. I don’t know which…

Can it be in construction? Or does it have to be finished?

Ah heck, I’m not in this to win, I’ll just build MDC in a corner/outskirts lot.

Can we start? :smiley:

6 hours time!

Definetly going to participate! (If I can… that’s a slim chance though because my parents hate Minecraft and me being on the computer so much blah blah)

ok, doing the jin mao one now, baggsie!

Aww wish I could’ve joined you guys! I was busy in the kitchen all day, prepping for thanksgiving and then eating!!
Happy Thanksgiving, hope you all had a great day, I’m looking forward to the next big city build! :smiley:

I finished My Big Build

Would it be possible to extend the event another day? I have seen some of the builds and spoken to Hard, Cherry, and Sacred about it. They all are saying that with the scale of their projects and doing it by hand, they just don’t have enough time to finish.

Cherry is about half done. Hard is maybe 1/4th and Sacred was 1/6th or so.

I would really appreciate it being extended. My laptop harddrive died, and I have only just got it back. If not, I’ll just work damn fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes we will extend it for another 48 hours.