Best Town Attraction Contest! - VOTE!

Pick the town with the best attraction to win the $10,000*!!!
*In game money

Once again, to check out Elysium ./warp elysium!

I would really appreciate the votes! I have worked super hard and I hope you all enjoy!

Trudy Concert Piano @ Alta Marie <3

You may also check out the ULTIMATE biome plaza once more, the coords are 845 63 -994, or you can warp to wildefay and follow the yellow clay road. (the road begins a few meters after the warp, just go straight forwards and you’ll see it.)

You can see and ride the clown coaster at /warp riverview! cross the bridge and follow the quartz path on the left!

I feel like all the people who will vote are the ones who made something, then they just vote on there own creation.

Thanks for your input…but that’s why i gave people 3 votes. They can vote for their own creation (if it’s here) and vote for 2 others.

Well the fountain/park in Arbor is behind the large tree so…check out mah entry pwease :3 :stuck_out_tongue: Thanksss ;D

[size=large]Vote for LazooliCove

we get 3 votes?

OMG! There’s my hut!! :smiley: :smiley: Take a cool screenshot like this of myyy town! :o Ermgerd.

You know what maybe i will :OOO

And mine pl0x <3

Not like i’ve got anything better to do anyways

We have winners!!!

1st: LazooliCove - LazooliCove Beach - $10,000

2nd: Turtleville - AFK Pool - $5,000

3rd: Alta Marie - Life Sized Piano - $2.500

Contact and SOP in game for your price money :smiley:

Great job to everyone who entered, all the entrees were excellent!