Best Quotes of 2015!

[size=14pt]Anyone said something on the server so funny you couldn’t stop laughing?
Anyone said something on Teamspeak that caused uproar for ten consecutive minutes?
Is there anything been said by people (can be a phrase, or a conversation) that you found too good to miss?
If so, post them here!

Firstly, the ones in my signature are worth a mention.

[me -> [Trusted] ~Yoshio]is from reliable sources [[Trusted] ~Yoshio -> me] which sources [me -> [Trusted] ~Yoshio] sources that wish to remain anonymous [[Trusted] ~Yoshio -> me] it's not like i'm gonna tell anybody XD [me -> [Trusted] ~Yoshio] i'll check [[Trusted] ~Yoshio -> me] they won't know <[Member] YoshiBoy13> josh, are you a reliable source?
<[Member] TimelordRock246> bae! TimelordRock246 left the game. <[Member] YoshiBoy13> he does know what bae means, right?

Connection Lost
You have been kicked by madant79. Reason: badjokes

My sig tho.

Or my sig

Or even my sig…

Also what was the reliable sources thing about?

I don’t know.
I think it was how you told me to get teamspeak because it would help me get trusted. Not sure though.

Such quotes tear rolls down cheek

There was once some Mod appeal a Guest put on. His username was something like Sir-William_Masterson or something like that. It was full of great stuff.


Everything in teamspeak.

Prince Charles. That, and Octo’s theatrical version of a particular book. TS people will know what I mean.



<[Trusted] ~Twerky> What the hell happened?
<[Trusted] ~DrowElfYoshi> An Thing occurred.
<[Trusted] ~Twerky> Imma get my looting sword.
<[Trusted] ~Twerky> can I start slaughtering?

Big Giant ``asshole building’’ -RJBud1 2014

Not really a quote but pen gwin-ah’s giggle giggle giggle…

I don’t remember saying this ;D

I can’t believe you wrote down all these quotes…

These bring back some good memories though so good job :slight_smile:



Just wow…

I had a very nice discussion with panda the other day… It involved making a mild of your arse and then getting a chocolate arse…