Berlin attacks

An xmas market in Berlin was apparently attacked by a truck. No terrorism confirmed, just speculated.
9 dead.

EDIT: Ik this isn’t a good time but 100th post lol.

The location of the attack took place at a Christmas market near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. This immediately reminded me of the tragedy in Nice, France, last July.

Also, today in Turkey a Turkish Police officer killed the Russian Ambassador from behind, making tensions between Turkey and Russia even higher than before.

Heard of that too, Joe.

Yep, Brood. Same vulnerability.

Omg, I heard that, really bad! World is becoming so violent!


What has the world come too? Because seaserlly all this violence is only going to make things worse. What the heck goes though some people’s heads to make them do a thing like this?

12 dead. 48 wounded. Let’s hope something like that doesn’t happen again.

apparently one of the highest rated hashtags was #ww3 :confused:

Our thoughts are with those that lost people in Berlin

What a very sad Christmas for those left behind or injured.

Rest in peace to the victims :’( :’( :’(, let’s hope the ones responsible for it will be brought to justice

Unfortunately, there are people in this world that are assholes.

Fuck 'em.

*anal sex pun not intended

Some people think that this justice means violence, apparently someone entered a mosque in Zurich and shot 3 people. Thanks god they are alive. It is important to remember that the Islamic community has nothing to do with the attacks, just a small part of radical. How can this people think like that?

I’m going to kill myself…

A Berlin market attack in Christmas is like a heart attack to me. I’m sick and tired of these attacks. Someone help me because I’m being psycho (not really).

#PrayforBerlin ;(


That tag is trending due to the similarities to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife by Serbian Nationalists that sparked World War I.

Also important to remember that the suspect hasn’t been found so we have literally no idea about his race or background… We don’t even know that he’s IS, yet people are blaming it on Muslims anyway.

Oh, that is, unless you’re taking fount-of-all-knowledge future president Trump’s word for it saying that Islamic state “and other Islamist terrorists continually slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihad.”

Yeah a lot of similarities, we just need a peace conference on Switzerland or a Versallies treaty, the most likely places for WWIII to be started.

He’s not wrong, Islamic Terrorist attacks continually happen, but again we still dont know the identity of the Berlin attacker.

Not Islamic, but extremist. Again, 99% of the islamics AREN’T terrorists or extremists.

Bastardized a webcomic for relevance:


TL;DR: all groups are X percent crazy assholes, and they’re the only ones getting press coverage. The 99% of Muslims that don’t blow up shit or drive trucks into people don’t make headlines.