Minecraft Username: BeAssorted

Date of Ban: Not sure, but sometime in the past 2 weeks

Banned by: I don’t know

Reason for Ban: Vulgar Language

Reason to be Unbanned: Mods and other members go unpunished for the use of vulgar language. I was not using the language against anyone. And to be banned for 9 years doesn’t seem fair.

Previous appeals: N/A

You are not actually banned for nine years. Our system has been acting up recently so we’ve had to use really long tempbans to compensate.

Your ban was for having signs at Bametown with the n-word in full caps. Generally, mild swearing is allowed in the chat but certain words such as the above mentioned are not allowed whatsoever.

“ * Racial slurs and/or downright disgusting vocabulary will receive swift punishment, as will images depicting pornography, drug use, firearms & munitions, sexual assault or murder.”

Care to explain?

Bump, otherwise I don’t think he does indeed care to explain.