Be mature

I’ve heard this a lot on the server be mature don’t report us for swearing be mature don’t report us for taking all your stuff after we kill you but that is not mature as a matter fact stealing swearing insulting and rude jokes exact opposite of mature and the mature people are actually the people who report this kind of thing because there are younger kids who play on the server as well and it doesn’t actually always have to be a younger kid some people just don’t like swearing or being insulted as a matter of fact it’s highly annoying and walking around saying the F word is immature and frankly just kind of stupid so I would highly appreciate it if some of you people would at least try and curb your swearing because it’s not a good image for the server or you and it reflects badly on all of us

I've heard this a lot on the server "be mature", "don't report us for swearing", and "be mature don't report us for taking all your stuff after we kill you". But that is not mature, as a matter fact stealing, swearing, insulting, and rude jokes are the exact opposite of mature. The mature people are actually the people who report this kind of thing because there are younger kids who play on the server.It doesn't actually always have to be a younger kid; some people just don't like swearing or being insulted. In my opinion it's highly annoying, and walking around saying the F word is immature and frankly just kind of stupid. So I would highly appreciate it if some of you people would at least try and curb your swearing because it's not a good image for the server or you and it reflects badly on all of us.
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Wat. Why is this instantly locked, what happened?

I locked it so no one would bug me about my type

That’s very counter productive. If you want something sorted people need to be able to reply. I’m unlocking this again.

I am simply sick of being teased and insulted about how I type

Adding punctuation isn’t that difficult, tho, and the tradeoff is not having people bitch at you for talking weird.
I did it, and look at all the hot babes I have!

i feel lonely :frowning:

Indirect swearing always has been, and always will be allowed. If you don’t like it, either suck it up and deal with it, or leave.
If someone is swearing at you, and have not make it clear they are joking, then you can tell us about it. Because we honestly couldn’t care less if someone said the word ‘fuck’ and you felt ‘offended’.

With the taking of people’s stuff after PvP, that should be agreed before you PvP. If you want a fight with items returned, make it clear that’s what you want. Otherwise we get stupid arguments that nobody gives a crap about.

Also, nobody has teased or insulted you about your type recently. We just nicely asked you to put in some full stops.

And I’m here for ya Deltie :wink:

Im not delta, i cursed you, and gave me all the hot babes.

With that being said, ive gotten used to the neverending typing that you do and i wont say anything else about it if you decide that im being a jackass about it omg its really hard for me though how do you do this…

No ones really mentioned your typing for some time actually when I think about it so I’m going to give it a go even though I feel slightly like I’m mocking you even though I don’t intend to, honestly I’ve just been out drinking because university but some people ditched us so I’m back now hence why I’m typing so yeah I’ve had too much really so excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes okay fuck this that will do I’ve typed enough.

no liam you aren’t drunk enough becaue then you would have typed more but that’s okay so on to the point at hand yeah what Ruby said if someone is swearing suck it up and be a man unless they do it to you because then it becomes some magical creature that all the staff have to take down just because it’s a bloody word and not actually a monst which is okay some times because being staff gets boring kind of fast so whenever someone comes up and starts stirring shit up everyone gets hype kind of like when those 1337 hacker nerds try to flood our server but it doesnt work because we are to cool for that yeah but no one is making fun of your talk as much or any more and they dont seem to notice it as long as you dont bring it up man so just leave it or what ever

… ow my head hurts

My time to shine.
I, myself, happen to swear like a sailor albeit in a sophisticated manner. I always find it incredibly amusing when someone decides that it’s OK to argue argue against someones choice of words(IE Yall/You all, Profanities, British/English). My favorite is the argument that one should not use profanities. I recall once hearing a saying “The English language without profanities, is like tea without sugar.”. Some people like tea with sugar, others without. Some people like swearing, others do not. Just because someone likes to swear does not, under any circumstances, give one the right to state that what they are doing is wrong factually. Swears are words, nothing more, nothing less. They are simply a rose by another name, Shit being Fecal Matter, Fuck being coitus, Damn being the act of damnation, Ass being buttocks, etc.

Really, saying that they should not be able to use profanity merely because it offends you, shows lack a really self centered approach to this topic. Maturity is not defined by ones vocab and grammatical skills, and if it was (Judging by how much I had to correct your obscene grammar in your first post) you are in no room to talk.

So you have the following choices, either grow up and learn that swears are just words and that everyone has their own personal preference on how they use them. Or I can kindly point you to the door. However telling people that they need to change to suit your own personal preference is not an option.


Sorry mark, we don’t want to attack or offend or hang you by your entrails or anything. We are all just trying to help!

SuRrEnDeR yOuR oRgAnS

On the subject of being offended, Stephen Fry once said this:

I really didn’t ask your opinions I just wanted to put that out there as some brain candy because swearing is highly immature and it reflects badly on the server and everyone in it

ReUnlocked. lol

Mark, keep in mind, this is Minecraft, not the real life. We play this game so we can be immature, to an extent of course. :stuck_out_tongue: Here you don’t have to have bad effects if you don’t have appropriate language all the time. Yes, swearing is annoying if overused. Although, a completely strict server that says “NO” to indirect swearing would reflect much worse than the few laid back indirect swearing we type now. All in all, it’s just a game, not the real world.

FYI, if putting opinions on the Interwebs, expect others will too.

Ok I would understand if our server was mainly children between the ages of 5-10 playing, however that case is exactly the opposite. Most of us are older than 14 or 16. We are teenagers. We are adults. If people swear, so what, it’s a part of life get used to them. Don’t act like your real life is the example of mature, because I bet you have known about swears and that you take part every now and again(cause really though, who doesnt?) The point is, you cant just tell a bunch of teenagers to be mature, when have the ever listened? Your opinion just makes me laugh because I know I’m not going to listen, like somebody else said we come on this game because its our little life on a screen, not the real deal. If you wanna be mature, do so with your friends and family, we came here for an escape and excuse to be silly, rebellious and immature.

Honestly, you should only be concerned about the swears/profanity if they are a direct offense to you. If they are, you have every right to report that and you shouldn’t feel like a rat if something was directed at you and you felt uncomfortable about something that someone said to you. On another note, dont use children at a young age as an excuse for us to be more “mature” as you say. They came here cause apparently their parents gave them permission to play minecraft, or join the forums and such. If the parent has accepted that, that’s great they get it. If they don’t know what their children do online, that is not the kids fault. A kid be monitored by their parents anyway, its the parents fault for allowing use of the internet…thats all I have to say,

tl’dr : my two cents in the nicest way is that you raise a good point and suggestion, however you wont have much luck trying to control the crowd and contol what the crowd is capable of. Our behavior is not a reflection, your choice to be a willing member of this server is a reflection. So perhaps if you think most of us are “immature” then maybe you should find a new server that reflects what you think is a “good community”


Heaven forbid we act like it xD

Some people have failed to read my appeal to swearing and how swears arent bad on the previous page.

I was mainly just trying to say that swearing occasionally doesn’t effect the server’s reputation. lol, and that it’s just a game. :smiley: