BC Metro proposal - map

Every Metropolis needs some underground rail. I’m looking to make a Metro/underground/subway in big city. Attached is my first draft of stations and lines. Feedback appreciated

Suggestion: Wait until 1.9 then make it out of ice. It would be a good microcosm for the Hyperloop (or hyperrail idek anymore) project that’s going to be rolled out in the creative map.

If you have room underground, go for it. If you could show myself or Wairoa your tunnel designs before you start though, either in game or post a pic here.

@Asmodean_ BigCity is more for realism than in game efficiency. None of these tracks will actually work, given that we will probably build trains on them.

currently in the process of building a tunnel, will post later

I’d be glad to help with station design to make it look realistic. That’s my specialty haha

I modeled it after the DC Metro

Cool! One thing I will say, and this is mainly for the larger stations, but you might want to build deeper and make a mezzanine level for the ticketing area between the platform and ground level. I used to live in DC, and I’ve taken the Metro there quite a lot, so I think that would definitely help.

oh for sure, but this is only a small station so I kept it tiny. The bigger ones will have multiple levels l

In the tunnels try and use more than one combination of block. It will take more time but will look better, add detailing round the bottom for example. Big City is gonna be around a lot longer than every other map so making it a tiny bit more detailed will really improve the look underground. Topside the station looks great, maybe add a few benches, a small park like area with a news stand or some bins or something? It will make the station look more natural.

As disgusting as it is, the New York Subway seems pretty interesting to me. The DC metro looks a lot cleaner, but I’ve never been there :stuck_out_tongue:

Each line, or even each station, could have its own style. Maybe something to represent the area around them?

I like what you have, but I’d make the stairs go up on the other side of the trains, then have some kind of building above ground and put the ticket barriers there instead of right at the bottom of the steps. Every metro system I’ve used has barriers a short distance from the top of the stairs/escalators rather than right at the bottom of them.

the parts that go towards the south may have issues because the busway’s underground portion cuts through the south from west to east and there’s not enough headroom for crossing tunnels AFAIK

@Geeawf I would love to help out with this, mainly i do nothing else + w/e could come in handy so just ask if you see me!

seeing as i hve a few days free ima start on the ideas station

I would like to help you out on making this. Also @Asmodean_ did you just mention a creative reset?


I was talking about this:

It uses a new mechanic introduced in 1.9 that lets you drive boats on ice. The map’s not going to reset for the rest of the year at least.

the IDEAS station is pretty much finished just go outside of /warp ideas

Im currently working on connecting the IDEAS and Stadium stations so far its going well