Bans and Kicks


In light of the recent events involving bans and ipbans, I thought it best to reinforce some things about bans. Mostly temporary bans as we saw in the past few days.


If you are banned then you are not meant to use any PCB services other than the forums to post an appeal.
This includes but is not limited to; chatting on the dynamic map and logging into the server on an alternate account.

If you are seen by staff to be bypassing your ban then you can expect an ipban. It is the only way we can ensure that you cannot use our services. If/when your appeal has been accepted, you can use our services as normal.

Kicks are to be viewed as a warning.
This means that after being kicked you should stop doing whatever it was that got you kicked.

Even in cases that would not normally require a ban (such as arguing) can result in a ban if a kick is ignored.
For example, if you are involved in an argument and get kicked for your involvement in the argument, DO NOT restart the conversation. Instead, you should calm down and forget about it.

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t want to ban the world and his dog for petty things like that (If anything because a ban appeal is more hassle for us to sort out). We are here to make sure everyone can enjoy themselves. If you ignore our warnings and continue to make a nuisance of yourself, expect a ban.

longlivesteelo - 12th of February, 2016
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can this has sticky?


Wanted to wait till nek approved it, but might as well sticky it now.


I feel this would be best added/edited into the Ban Appeal sticky in the Ban Appeal section.

Might wanna mention if a player has a problem with a kick and can’t seem to ‘get over it’, they’re welcome to voice their concerns and/or complaints on the forums.


Hey my friend once got banned because her and her friend connected their market stalls with the consent of a operator and the consent of each other but they were still banned by another operator who threatened that if they ever did it again he would permanently banned them now I don’t understand why this happened and I didn’t get the name of the operator who banned them but this doesn’t really seem band worthy especially since they got the consent of in operator and each other


This is slightly not true. I believe I am the op that you are talking about. When you go to the market and on the website it says explicitly you cannot remove the walls between shops. I warned them. Another SOP warned them. Yet they removed the walls even after Ouhai had fixed them. I banned them for not listening and griefing. They were unbanned when they submitted a ban appeal and finally understood they could not connect shops. THERE WAS NO CONSENT BY AN OP!


Actually, nowhere does it say that you “cannot remove walls between shops”, as long as you have consent from both players. I had a shop that was 4 combined at one point, and it sold everyone’s goods.


On the announcement section of the website it states for the new market the only connection is thru a wall.


Ahh - I see now, didn’t read through the rules 100%, as I figured they were the same as last time.


Time for an update?