For some reason designs don’t seem to transfer to banners. When trying to dye them, it takes the materials from crafting, but leaves them blank.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Me but I think you can only dye them a certain amount of times. :slight_smile:

I have that problem at times too

Tried to use a golden apple on a banner and it wouldn’t work, not even on a plain banner that never was dyed.

It hadn’t been dyed at all. I took advantage of some of them turning black due to a roll back to make new ones. I even tested with a couple spawned in from creative to see if it was just the glitched banners, they still didn’t work… So uh, wut?

Strange, All my banners are glitched to the black ones now D:

Mine are working fine?

All mine are working fine. Perhaps its lag?

I have that as well. Banners were working fine until I updated my resource pack for 1.8 and now I can only see one colour on them. On Ducky’s British banners for instance I can only see red and white.

It’s not that for me. I can see ones already made, just can’t make them myself. It’s not lag, it does it every time.