Banner Bank

Alright Mods and OP’s and Admins and whatever. We need a banner bank, or not NEED but it would be extremely cool to have one. It would be so dope to just write /warp bannerbank grab a few banners with letters and write up a huge sign for a store or attraction etc. Although this might take forever/a loooong time to create these banners, trust me it will be worth it. Players will surely love a banner bank.

Sounds pretty fun. I’ll admit that I’m not too good at making banners but I know how to do some things if you need help :smiley:

I like the idea. Maybe we could have chests at cspawn or some command buttons for each letter? It could almost be like a warehouse.

Let’s see what the sops and admins say

Banners aren’t that hard to make, all you have to do is look up how. Google is your friend. Plus we would have to have all the letters in all the different colour combinations which not only woudl take a long time but is tedious as hell. I guess its up to the admins but crafting banners isn’t so,ething i would class as hard. Here’s what i use:

Fair point. Maybe if we had a section in cspawn with helpful links then for things such as banners. The links could be on signs.

I do think we should have this for the more advanced and difficult to make banners. I would actually benefit from this for sure when doing interior and exterior designs. I’m sure I could find a few ways to implement banners into interior design mostly, which all of us know we all need help with for the most part.

I’ve thought the info in cspawn could be enhanced with clickable signs (hyperlinked) but I’m not sure of the technical work needed.

I can provide the banners :wink: How biga selection are we talking about?


Little do they know this is already a thing! /warp prymont

@VirBinarus can help you with this.

(BTW may lag, there are around 900 of them, give or take)

As far as I know, Prymall had to close its banner area due to lag- that was a while ago, and I cant say if it has changed or not.

They don’t hang on the walls, there I locked chests ::slight_smile: I can help with picture banners :wink:

If someone wants to make this, they’re free to do so. We can add a warp when it’s done.

The idea sounds neat. Idm contributing some banners to the bank. But yeah its gonna take a darn long time to craft one of every alphabet with different colors.

I don’t mind helping out with the banner making! I have made lots of banners with letters on before and they’re not that hard to make. I wouldn’t mind taking some time out of my day to make some letters for other people to use and to help the server out!! XD

Started building one near Dubai, will it be protected like the HeadBank is?

It’s now re-opened as a chest shop, and the banner count has gone down from 1000 to around 100-200.

I’ll help you transfer them to your bank if you need it.