Banned myself...?

I said /tp up 99999 because I was bored and I wanted to fall…because I was bored…It said I was temporarily removed…and now it wont let me back on…

Well considering the height limit is 256, not sure what you were thinking when you typed 99999 XD


Try again later. If no luck, post again.

Poop…I’m temporarily denied…

basically, because the game has you registered at 999999 on the y axis, you may be stuck there untill someone can change your player file and move you back to earth.

I was looking at some stuff, I may have been considered “spamming” when I was testing come commands.

An admin just needs to do /ncp unkick Ferrari5746

However, they may need to exempt you from NCP so that you can be teleported out of the sky so that you do not get kicked again.

Your height was registered at 10000000 so it was kicking you every time you logged in. I had to delete your player data so you might lose your inventory (or the multiverse plugin might hold that data separately). You should be able to log in now

Thank you so much!!! I’ll try not to be as stupid :stuck_out_tongue: also, I don’t mind about losing my inventory.