Banned IP?

I moved recently, and got a new WiFi thing. When I went to connect to the server is says “the Ban Hammer has Spoken”. I personally (Ferrari5746) am not banned, but it appears my IP is. Sorry for not using the format fo ban appeals, but this case seems different.

I tried to unban your IP but it wouldn’t work.

Weird…this IP is different than the one that I signed up with. Maybe that’s the problem?

That IP was banned on April 1st. Fixed. Unless you aren’t Ferrari…

O.o Im ferrari. ask me any question XD

Name atleast 1 staff member who was on the day in which I stated that I had had the name “Fer” the longest.

Ask me about something I actually would care about…

Also…the IP is still banned…

Now, if your the REAL ferr, you’ll know what I found when I asked to build my first house.

Ferrari, more than likely, what will have to happen, is wait for a server restart/reset. after that the IP will be removed from the internal bann list, and you will be able to rejoin the game. until then, its a waiting game

I restarted the server. Try now

works, thanks