Banned, forever. Goodbye

Goodbye, I am banned forever, I wont appeal because I now remember what Shadow said. Goodbye all my dear friends.


What did you even do?

If I had to guess, he broke the rules :confused:

No way?! I wouldn’t have guessed.

I know right! xD

I stole stuff…

…be more descriptive?

Idk what I stole, but it was in yorba

So you dont know what you stole? Im confused.

Wait, really? Who banned him? D:

Ferrari did, so can you shed some light on this Ferrari?

I was kind of surprised, tbh, given everything that went down in the past. Hopefully ferrari can explain. So homer, do you or do you not know why you were actually banned? Motive is an important factor.

The Lion King 2-He Is Not One of Us w/download link

All I remember is stealing something, But for some reason I actually dont know what I stole.

He stole (broke) all of Yorba’s bookselves that were used for the enchantment table. I also recall some broken glass.

I still dont know where you are getting that you cant appeal…

@ Ferrari: be more careful with rollbacks too. That problem probably could have been solved with an area rollback. Instead two of my highways were undone <.<

Ye ferr, but I replaced the bookshelves and I never broke any glass, I remember that I did break the bookshelves, but no glass, whatever


So instead of just making Bookshelves, or waiting to ASK ferrari for some… or anyone for that matter…

you BROKE bookshelves…


I told him last appeal that if he was ever banned again, it was for good…