banned for what?

i had acedently messed up a glass and i was deeply sorry i had been told by a admin it was ok but i didnt think so so i left the server now i am banned after being told it was ok? pcb get it together!

Unless they are at fault Zesty.

i dont know who i was banned bye! sorry i insulted you its just this is the 2nd time its getting frustrating :-\

im fairly sure you were banned by me for being an insolent ass on the server last time you were on, and or insulting me, after throwing a temper tantrum and saying you weren’t comming back. ill check. but personally, it dosn’t hurt my feelings either way if you stay banned.

just checked. this was my reasoning behind your ban:
pestering staff lying about Staff saying he could be Trusted

unless you got a damn good reason why you should be unbanned, im leaving you banned.

To add to this, isonb has also been banned, and ip banned (I think? Hard, can you confirm this yet?). This also means mrcoconut has been ip banned as they share the same ip.

Isonb has been IP-banned.

i was upset that i had accedently broken a block of glass. i did not insult you. and i am christian please cuss somewhere else.

what ever i really dont care get a life shadowmerrie bye good day rude ppl