Banned for unknowingly breaking the rules


Aug. 6, 2018:

Banned by @masterboatman

Banned for Xray: I turned on an X-ray texture pack (which the rules, now I’ve seen it, say hacked clients so I guess it’s technically not actually breaking a rule but I wont push it) to find the entrance to the /warp HiddenCity. I immediately turned it off once I had entered, not wanting to use hacks anymore. I was then banned by someone for X-ray. Normally I wouldn’t bitch about being banned for this reason, but I do now for two reasons: (1) When I read the rules, I didn’t read the standard Minecraft rules about “don’t grief, don’t hack, etc.” because I just assumed that it was typical stuff. and (2) I really love the community, the people, the builds and the server itself as a whole, and I would hate for that to be taken away.

Reason to be Unbanned: (1) See last two sentences of ban reason and (2) Any promise over a communication like this will sound empty: “Oh I promise not to hack again” “I won’t draw a penis in lava again.” So allow me to just say this: because I love PCB so much, not only will I never break any rule again (unironically ofc) but I will also send a personal apology to any mod involved in the ban. Love you guys, and I’ll miss you if I leave.

Previous appeals: No prior appeals that i can recall.

Banned by @masterboatman

To save the time for other staff, I’ve found these two rules for y’all.


The wording is quite clear, I’m not sure what rules you were reading when you were writing the first sentence.


Ok so first of all, you announced in chat and I quote “damn this city so hidden i cant even get in” “fuckit im some with his games” “xray is goin on” after this I said “Excuse me?” As I wasn’t sure if you were being serious or just joking. Due to me saying this you should’ve been aware I was online. I then proceeded to vanish, teleport to you, and observe you for a few minutes. While I was watching you, you stood against the spawn room wall facing towards the centre of the mountain. You then flew out of the spawn room and to the top of the mountain which I then watched you look straight down for a bit and then proceed to dig straight down. This could be classified as griefing. You did replace the topmost block, either to prevent someone from following you or to cover your tracks, either way, I teleported to you as you dug straight down into one of the hidden rooms. You then fixed the bottom-most block of your tunnel which I then banned you for X-ray. As Emfitty showed that if you read the rules thoroughly you would have seen that it does infact say you can’t use X-ray resource packs. You have been a good player for the most part except for when you called me a racist for enforcing the server rules of you should only speak English in chat. I gave you a warning for this. I have forgiven you for this and I don’t harbour bad feelings toward you. So I will unban in two months and 24 days from now, on October 31th. What you did was extremely stupid and I’m unsure of what you expected to happen after you announced your plans to x-ray when I was online. Either way, I believe you will change for the better. By the time of your unban I expect for you to have removed your x-ray pack from your client and you are not to use it again on PCB.
Oh and it might be a good idea to read through the rules well now.

Remaining banned until October 31st, 2018.

EDIT: Ban duration reduced - expires 31st of August

A little bit of advice for the future.

Own up to your mistakes rather than trying to find loopholes in the rules.