Banned for Stealing

Name: purplestarfish42

Date of Ban: April 21, 2013

Staff Who Banned you: ninjamonk377

Reason for Unban: I was just trying to make a shortcut to get back at a friend who had killed me just as i was about to reach 30 levels. I thought that the emerald blocks would reappear like stuff does at spawn, but forgot that it wouldn’t have let me through it it did reappear. I’m really sorry, and if i was unbanned, I’d be able to put them back. And i promise to never do it again.

I only posted twice because I was told to do so by a moderator.

So this ban was because in the Arena I found a few emerald blocks broken and I mostly wanted you to appeal so I know why and you have been a very active player before the ban and this is your first problem so I think you should get another chance. Unbanned. Locked. (Or if any staff member has something to say unlock it as you wish.)