Banned for moss.

At 6:24 PM US central time I gggeeee was banned for mining the mossy cobble in the two dungeons of Hard24get’s (Banned by him.) mine. He banned me for mining one of the rarer stones in the game, wich he (granted) never said i could mine it he never said i couldent or to stop without banning me. If i was asked to stop i would have (more than happily) replaced said blocks and payed my apologies. I honestly have nothing else to say but I seem to post here more often than not, and that i will be gone this next week to florida (maybe internets there). See ya’ll!

I have unbaned you. when you log back in . stay there and give me back the cobble. inever said you could take it

Would anyone respond? I would like to know is i can rejoin before i leave for sanabelle tomorrow morning. [glow=red,2,300]This is very serious for me.[move]Also, I may be steeping outside of my boundry of rights but (though i do enjoy hard24grt) i think he may be abusing power just a bit. [shadow=red,left]SHADOWS!![/shadow][/move][/glow]