Banned for killing some golemns

Ok, so i was banned for killing some iron golemns, henry, if you wanted them back, you could have said. I think i was wrongfully banned in this instance. Staff please consider Un-ban, my ban appeal forum cannot get past the picture verification section. I hope i can persuade anyone to consider unbanning me, PCB is the best server i have been on and i would hate to lose it - Callum

Please use this form since the system dosn’t like you calley!

Name:Date of Ban:Staff who Banned you:Reason for Unban:

In this case the person who banned you was Dragon_Slayer24 on 4/12/13


26th march approx (no idea)


Killing HenryK89’s iron golemns

I should be unbanned because i would have given henry back his iron if he asked, which he did not, and afterwards if he wanted i would have made him new golemns to say sorry.


I told you and henry both not to kill them. I also heard you would pvp henry without his consent.

I pvp’d henry for a laugh, all his items were returned, and i killed him once by accident. As for the golemns, they would have fell down the ravine, most of the ones i killed were on the rim of the ravine with no way back up

If im not mistaken they wont just walk off into a ravine, They would stop before going over. They werent your golems to begin with. I made them for henry as a gift for protection.

He will be unbanned, although u must make iron golems from the iron he received from the original iron golems and he will give henry a nice gift and apologize for the random pvp.


I know this is a bit late but I dont find call very trustworthy… he destroyed all of my crops once and didnt replant along with killing my livestock. I told him to replant them and i wouldnt file a motion for him being banned and he procrastinated the whole time begging others including myself for the resources to replant the farms.