BaneoverpowersMC - May, 2017


Minecraft Username BaneoverpowersMC

Date of Ban May, 2017
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by PrinceMark

Reason for Ban Schematica used on at least 3 builds. Was previously banned for use of Schematica.

Reason to be Unbanned Hey, I’m going to warn you guys that this isn’t a typical ban appeal that you guys would regularly see, especially with how and what it’s required to be used for. I’m gonna confess at this point and say that I might or might not break a few small ban appeal rules.

I was banned for Schematica use a month ago, and I want to confess that yes, @Neyalex and I did use Schematica on multiple builds. @Mario55097 was involved in the development, too. It was a stupid and lazy mistake on my part for doing that. I was planning to move on to my own server awhile before then, but I was too busy and lazy to redo the process of doing so. I have it up and running now though. I’ll be honest, those copied builds were from my friend’s server where he made sick buildings. And yes, I built quite a few newer buildings off of the view from street view. I’m very sorry that I had been lazy enough to turn back towards printing again, as there are no fair or valid excuses that don’t sound stupid in any way to back up my usage of printer.

As friendly as I am, and as I’m not going to be anywhere near as critical as you heard from me on PCB, there is something inside the ban reason that isn’t correct and uninformed. I was NOT previously banned for use of Schematica. I was first previously banned for hacking back in April, 2016, when I didn’t know the rules as well as I thought, and that ban was valid and reasonable.

3 months ago, I was banned for using nuker (hacking), where I chose to be lazy and not switch to the regular MC before then, but @05ocram05 aka Marco understood the situation well enough to forgive me and unban. Those were my 2 most recent bans before this one. My first 2 bans were in April 2015, and November 2015. My first one was for slander, but in that case everyone else was making those jokes too and I was unbanned by either an SOP or Admin (can’t remember his/her name), shortly afterwards. My second ban was for griefing my own city, but it happened through using lava for a volcano, and I was unbanned and had it fixed it up and moved on.

What got @Neyalex, @Mario55097, and I to all break the rules on PCB was out of constantly building frustration over the additional and recent PCB rules starting all the way back to 2016. All of those additional rules from then were petty, and just unnecessary, and we’re not the only members on the server that feel the same way about those rules. I’ve heard from others too, but as they have been active players that enjoy PCB, I will not bring up names. We’ve had developing frustration and rebellious feelings ever since then, and had I not been too lazy to start up my server earlier, we would have very likely moved on earlier, and not have broken the rules. I apologize and am very genuinely sorry for the frustration and anger that have been both occasionally and repeatedly expressed towards all staff members over the newer, under 12-month-old rules.

My one request is this: that I do not stay permanently banned, but it’s up to you. I’d like to visit the server sometime within 3-6 months, and occasionally afterwards, as well. I won’t be doing much, but I’d like to reunite as well.

Before I sign off on this unique and farewell-type ban appeal, I’d like to thank these people:

I’d like to thank @05ocram05 for bailing me out from huge mistake that I made in March. I also give thanks for exchanging our shares of being Frisian and of our Oranje backgrounds.

I thank @EstevaoBuilder for being such a nice, sweet, and kind staff member. While we may have learned different things, it was a lot of fun seeing you around on PCB, and cracking up to the Brazilian jokes (and inside jokes) over my time of knowing you on the server.

I’d like to thank ItzAndre_13 for being around to share some insane laughs with me, sharing those inside jokes, and fooling around in the Creative map.

@jmvvana is another person I would like to thank for being a nice and sharing ally towards me. While his staff months may have been mostly spent with being AFK, there have been g times with him.

@Filipingus is someone I would like to thank for bringing in some funny quotes, too. I wish I was able to get to know you more, as well.

I’d like to thank @Maddygabbyy for her hard-headed, true wisdom that she brought to PCB and to me when I was on.

I thank @whbilbo for being my amazing PCB creative, allied partner throughout my time on the server.

I’d like to thank @CallumW25 for being helpful on the server and for giving advice. While you might be another hard-headed player on the server, I’ve loved to hear your views on stuff and how different things can be from your point-of-view. It’s been an honor to see you and talk on PCB!

I’d like to thank @katykat_mc for being such an amazing friend and person to me, along with EVERYONE on the server, too. While things might have drastically changed since last year, you will never be forgotten on PCB, never.

Surprisingly and most shockingly of all, I’d like to thank @PrinceMark. I’m sorry for some hard times that I gave you. I’d like to apologize for any bad blood and hatred that stood between us. But on the positive side, while me might have had many strongly different views of the server, you brought some hilarious jokes and some laughs out of me.

I’d personally like to thank everyone of you guys for making my time on PCB regularly enjoyable. Thank you all for all the amazing things you’ve done to me and others throughout my 2 1/2 years on the server. I love you all, and I have and will truly miss seeing you guys on the server. Keep this in mind: don’t revolt like I did! I wish you all the best of luck on this server, and have a happily good life!

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30th of March, 2017

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Ban is in review, we will update you with our verdict

In addition, I’d like to say that if I were to hack in the future, you may feel free to permaban me for even longer.

bump @PrinceMark ?

You will remain temporarily banned. Staff have decided that the term of this will be one full month after the creative reset. At the moment there is no set date, but we’re figuring it will happen in about 2 weeks. With that said, your ban is looking like a month and a few weeks for now. Case Closed