Ban me?

So…could someone ban me for a while so i dont go on? I have a few personal reasons and id be thankful if i can actually focus for my state test this week :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, thats really it. Thanks :o :-\

I can if you’d like. Temp ban, or
Perma ban? Up to you. I will unban you when let me know.

A temp ban is a good idea! Just let a staff know until what date, and when its that date, you get automatically unbanned

Temp please :T Thanks See you later maybe

Oh! Thanks for the tip! lol just unban me on… the 11th Thanks!

I banned you for 7 days.Make sure to let me know if you need unbanned earlier. You an message me on the forums. I left you a little note too. :wink:
<3 koalamama

Aha :3 Thanks for the good luck wish ;D You’re so nice. Anyways, back to studying XD see you soon! ~Fairy_Tail_Lov3r

Good luck with your test! :smiley: