Ban floating cities.

Floating cities have always been an eyesore, even moreso on the new map. Some new cities, which will remain unnamed, are building 20 something blocks in the air. This is ridiculous!
It ruins the terrain and is a just plain lazy way of avoiding terrain.

I’d like to see a rule saying people can’t build their entire city super high in the air (Judged as allowed/disallowed on a per city basis.

We have a new map with custom generation, if you think people should work with the terrain instead of butchering the map, please show your support here.

TO CLARIFY: This is not regarding cities that are 4-5 blocks above the surface so they can be flat. This is an issue with cities that are 10-20 blocks above the surface. Cities that have no reason to be as high as they are.

I support this, don’t build up more than 15 blocks for god’s sake!!!

A floating city that’s supposed to be in clouds is fine though… Maybe someone could make that :o

the terrain generator was added for the purpose to not have default bad looking small mounts and irregularities,
I think it is a good idea to set a limit to a floating city height.

If this was more towards NVC, the height of the city is to allow for a multi-level floodwall with a port that will be added on soon, even still I’m trying to cover up the fact that it is floating with hand terraformed parks etc.

I still voted yes, for some of the cities I’ve seen with no attempt to cover up the floaty-ness of the city at all.


As much as I want to say yes, banning anything prevents people from having the liberty to do/build what and how they please (past example: PCBt) So im gonna say no

This was something that was considered when we decided to use big biomes for this reset. I don’t particularly like floating cities in the sense that connecting with others in the future may become difficult, but this is Project City Build and THE Creative map after all so I think people should do whatever they want do do so long as it complies with the existing rules

Almost every city has a portion of it floating. The land floats so that the terrain isn’t so rugged when it’s built upon. Banning cities that float would be absurd and would prevent builders from creating large, flat structures.

tl;dr - Don’t ban floating cities, period. Just offer to help make them look better.

I see absolutely no reason to ban floating cities. Sure, it’s ugly when something is suspended obscenely high up in the air,
and efforts should be made to make it look nicer, but I don’t want to outlaw any sort of building process. As Joe said, it outright shits on the spirit of PCB.

My city, at the moment, is floating, but I plan on making roads more dynamic and terraforming close to the coast. Like Brooding said, using flat, suspended land is a lot easier for getting started. Working with, rather than conforming to terrain is the best compromise to make.