Ban Court

I was wondering if we could instead of a ban being settled on the forums if we could solve it in a ban court with a jury, prosecutors, judge and attorneys in a sort of a court fashion on the server. If not could we do reenactments in the courthouse of previous bans if people are up for it?

Boy this is aint no gawd-damn judge judy

Jerry Springer is better ;D

This is just too much effort. If someone is banned it is up to the staff member to decide if they should be unbanned.

tries not to make a joke on the subject of totalitarianism

I would not want to put in the effort and go through all that. Most of the time they lie in their ban appeal so why would I put in so much effort for someone that does not even care.

This really is too much effort. We may do something like this for really important bans such as Yomi’s, but even her case was pretty clear. Sadly…