Ban appeal

Minecraft Username: S3m_THFC (old name Semheij)

Date of Ban: I don’t know i’m not on the ban list

Banned by: i dont know

Reason for Ban: I dont really know but when i try to join it says Griefing guesttown but it is so long ago but i never left my own city

Reason to be Unbanned: I dont really know what i did wrong and i was just building my own city

Previous appeals: I have not been banned before

Banned under the name _JustSem

I banned you for griefing Guest Town (The survival town for new players to get started).

I’m fairly certain you were destroying the greenhouse (breaking glass) and taking crops without replanting. Does that sound familiar?

Either way, it was minor so I’ll unban you, just be more mindful in future and read signs and notices and please read the rules: Community Rules