Ban Appeal

Minecraft Username: Irusckov41

Date of Ban: Today

Banned by: Unknown

Reason for Ban: Supposed Alt of swiggothunub

Reason to be Unbanned: I recently moved from poland (lived there for 2 years and liverpool for 18 years and 3 years as a baby in poland), I joined from Massachusetts and can prove it with photos of the dorm I am staying in for a photo conference. While I was building a highway segment matt said my highway sign was similar to swiggothunub. I am interested in highways and their designs including intersections, exits, lights, and exit signs, the exit sign i made was based off a highway sign from the usa where the Yellow Exit Warning is yellow and in the bottom right or the bottom. As seen here
(first picture) I chose cyan because it is one of favorite colors. I will link my evidence folder here:
I also have been dreaming of building a city and recently bought this laptop, I moved to texas 7 months ago to stay with a family friend. For your information I bought the laptop used off of craigslist. The photos are not fake, if they were they would be hard to make. If you check my ip I am in Building B of the North Reidences at Umass Amherst for the aforementioned photo conference. Thank you for your conideration

Previous appeals: None

I will also be leaving back for austin tommorow

This isn’t doing it for me.

I’d like to point out the DYNAMIC shifts in your English as I’ve observed from chat logs. This is what did it for me. You went quite quickly from saying “fuccboi jesus is superior to us biggots” to “i when i go register it say website not private have virus / when i try register it say website have virus!! / and my connection not private”. You demonstrated quite clearly in that first line that you knew of the words “is” and “to” – words that were completely omitted from that second string of quotes.

I can’t speak too much to the building style as I wasn’t too familiar with how Swig (you?) built, but both Matt and Shrimp assured me there were similarities.

I’d also like to point out with your proof that, if you were in the North B residences at UMass Amherst, as you said, when you took the Google Maps screenshot, your dot should actually be a bit further north of the Amherst text at that scale.

I try to make as few assumptions as possible, but damn if I’m not pretty sure you’re Swig. Under that assumption, I’d like to say this – the behaviour is absolutely pathetic. The lengths you’ve gone to to evade your ban are frankly ridiculous. Had you respected your ban, waited some time, and appealed once you’d had time to grow and reflect, it’s pretty likely we would’ve unbanned you with no issue. It’s inevitable that we will catch you and the more you continue to evade, the worse off you’re making your situation. Stop while you’re ahead.

If you truly are 24-year-old Ivan from Poland, I’m gonna need some more definitive proof. If you don’t feel comfortable posting it publicly, feel free to PM me over the forums or through Discord (MrFerf#0015). If I don’t receive convincing proof within the next 24 hours, this account will remain banned.