Ban Appeal (_ItsBearMC_)

Minecraft Username: ItsBearMC (there are supposed to be underscores before the ‘‘I’’ and after the ‘‘C’’)

Date of Ban: I don’t really remember but I know it was more than 2 years ago or something like that.

Banned by: Not sure.

Reason for Ban: Server advertising, arguing w/ staff over rules

Reason to be Unbanned: I don’t really remember being on this server, due to my banning happening quite awhile ago, but I’m sure it was due to me being immature (which I fully accept now). This server looks really cool and I’d like to be let back in, as I really just want to build. I’m sorry that my appeal is so weak, but I honestly am sorry what I did in the past and I most certainly won’t do again. I don’t even have a server to advertise this time and I just started playing Minecraft again.

Previous appeals: None that I can think of.

Banned by @PrinceMark

Can’t remember the nature of how much advertising you done for another server. On that note since it has been some time since this ban please make sure you do not break this rule again. If you would like to invite other players to other servers please restrict yourself to doing it privately, I will unban you, but please re-read this rule once again (as well as all the other ones) to re-acquaint yourself with Project City Build.

Advertising - Advertising is generally forbidden and will generally result in a ban

  • Posting another server’s IP address with the active knowledge and/or intention of advertising it will result in a permanent ban of all PCB services
  • Discussing another server and/or posting Youtube showcase videos of other servers is not advertising unless you include the IP with the sole intention of luring players away from our server
  • Advertising of other products or services is also prohibited, and will result in a ban from all PCB services