Ban appeal for Grandmaster_Jax

Minecraft Username: Grandmaster_Jax
Approximate Date of Ban: February 23rd 2012
OP Who Banned You: Ouhairuby

Reason for Ban: Water griefing.
Reason for Unban: I believe I was mistaken For water griefing, because I cannot recall a time I have griefed, I’m aware there was a spot in the guest build where water was, however that was not my doing, I tried removing a part of it is all.
Server: Creative

From Mythbeast:
I let him use my account to post this because he says his account wont work. The reason it took me so long to get him to post this is because it took me a while to find a good time for us to be able to make a ban appeal.

Finally… next ime do this straight away instead of whining in game on an alt.
I’m happy to give a second chance.