Ban Appeal For: conseamah

My friend in irl consahmah got banned and is unable to post on the forums because it has several errors, Here is what he wanted to post.

Im making a new topic in the ban appeals thread because the “appeal a ban” was not working.
Op Who Banned Me: Ouhai_ruby
Reason: Griefing
I got banned for literally doing nothing! I dont remember griefing or destroying anything ._.

… he couldve used a different computer, phone, etc… keaton usually knows what he’s talking about when it comes to people though. i trust his judgement

Are they website errors? If they are, I need more detail so that they can be fixed.

Keat, if you think he is a good person irl then I would say unban, but if he does majorly greif then well we have to ban even if he is a friend.

Yes my friend said the error said “the words do not match the picture”
something like that, Ill ask when I see him tomorrow. Ill ask him to take a screen shot also.

I think he is a good friend, But him being new to severs he might not know what exactly counts as griefing, I want to wait and hear ouhai’s side :smiley:

OH I know why. Huge derp on my behalf again :confused:

I’ll have to get it fixed a bit later, tell him to post on the forum for now.

I don’t remember this name so I’m willing to give them a second chance. As i have only ever banned players for griefing, its hard to keep track. Unbanned.

Also, I’m sorry if any of your creations are missing, it is server policy to rollback all available logs and then delete them after a ban.