Ban appeal by Think246

Minecraft Username: Think246
Approximate Date of Ban: 2012-01-28
OP Who Banned You: SemiLaxBeazt
Reason for Ban: Griefing
Reason for Unban: I wanna to be unbanned because I wanted too replace the iron with wool cause it look’s better. I didn’t know I had to return the iron I tought it was mine and I started making sword suplies for mobs. I am wiling to give all the iron back by buing it in the market and giving it back. Or mine it and not do anything else until I return it pls accept my appeal and thanks for reading.
Server: Survival

Is this from the module?

Also, fixed title and minor spelling issues (like 3 letters)— Really was bothering me

Wow john you would. :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah i think it was from the module.

Sounds good to me, at least its better than “Hi der i got baned from teh server fir griffing but im new so i dnt no wat griffing is pls gimme second chans”

Although wasnt he banned before? Maybe it was somebody else… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it’s from the module and no I wasn’t baned before so am I unbaned now?

Well, if this was from the module, than i say he should be unbanned, with the exception that he replaces it, but i’m waiting for Semi’s response

Im not certain if you were suppose to be banned in the first place for that… As long as you give back the iron then its all good. You were suppose to be warned first about returning the iron before a ban was placed. He should be unbanned, but gotta wait for semi.

You shouldn’t have been banned for that. As said, waiting for semi to see if there is another reason for your ban. If there is no reason, you will be unbanned.

I’ve unbanned think246 since semi is late on this, and that also he shouldn’t have been banned in the first place.