Ban Appeal by SuperLukek123

Minecraft Username: SuperLukek123
Date of Ban: 6.4.2012.
OP who banned me: I don’t know.
Reason for ban: Griefing
Reason for unban: I was mining with my friend and we died. We were searching for our stuff. I found his stuff and said to him (via Steam) that I needed his stuff to get to my stuff. He got angry and punched me and in the same time pushed me into lava. His stuff were burned in lava. He got angry and attacked me several times, by killing me. I also got angry and destroyed 4 blocks of glass on his house, and 5 blocks of cobblestone on his house. Somebody saw that and reported me. I stole once from a chest, but I stole some cobblestone and 10 coal. I promiss to never steal from a chest again.

You also griefed mine and dfirby’s house…

How? Explain.

Enchantment table, Mobspawner… ring any bells?

That’s actually a fairly detailed reason in why you want unbanned. However i would like to see who banned you and if they have anything else to say about this. Since we usually have to wait for the person who banned you to decide if you are able to be unbanned.

That wasn’t me. Even if it was me you don’t have the evidence.

I banned you. And saying that we don’t have evidence is wrong. You will remain banned. Locked.

Ok, posting in locked thread to clear one thing up, our evidence is log block.