Ban Appeal - "Abusive, insulting, general asshattery"

Hey, it’s Joshm0nkey. I was banned, say, a year or two ago around this time. I was later unbanned, but with the 1.3 update, I was once again banned o.O The reason when I tried to get on the server was the same as it was when I was first banned, and I’m not quite sure why. I’d but much appreciative if somebody could please un-ban me. ~Joshm0nkey~

I believe I banned you, but I don’t really remember the situation properly. However, I seem to remember I banned you for behaviour reasons. If any other staff members remember the situation it would be appreciated.

If you say you don’t know why, perhaps a sibling could have been on your account? Do you have any brothers or sisters that could have accessed it?

Sorry, what I meant is that I didn’t know why I was banned again. I remember why the first time, but I’m not sure why I was re-banned. All that I recall is that the only thing I was mainly doing was working on my shop on the shop world before I got off, or on my house in the survival world :confused: I apologize that I don’t have much more information than that.

So, the title refers to the first ban which was done by me, you were then unbanned, but then later banned again? Is that right?

If my memory is jogged correctly, if liam didnt ban you it would be hard24get. Iwas there when it happened (if memory serves me right) i believe your account got banned due to foul language, being cruel to new guests, and overall asshatery. I also belive that you were banned for griefing? But i do believe the language and cruelty where a major factor.

Thats as much quoted stuff i can remember following a ban. Honestly it was a stupid mistake. I believe sacred or shadow was there too. This was the day some of us where in teamspeak. Dragon and i had a laugh at it.

You may want to check logs too…i may be thinking of a different persons asshatery too.

After looking at the title again, this may be the right person. Although the team speak part may be off.

I only faintly recall this, I do remember the TeamSpeak thing however, I wont actually vote on this due to my memory failing me. However, I think the community should find a collective decision on whether he should be unbanned or not.

I was the one who banned. I will give the benefit of the doubt, and say you can be unbanned. (Can someone else do this please? I don’t have time right now.)

Sorry I didn’t reply right away, I was watching ‘The Hobbit’ (great movie btw). But yes, I was ‘accused’ of griefing a friend of mine (irl) and I was in a bad mood and I think I may have sworn at one of the mods (sorry liam) but I was later unbanned. I’d be much appreciative if someone could un-ban me soon.

I’ll unban you now if someone else hasn’t. Also yea the Hobbit was a great movie. Locked.

[Liam - Thanks Sip]