Ban apeal- Griefing.

I logged on to minecraft A few days ago, and went on PCB, It came up that I was banend for griefeing, I was confused. I went on the live server maps, and CKKuhl said It was dragon_slayer14 who griefed me, I couldn’t figure out ban apeal that day. Ouhai_Ruby helped with ban apeals today, CKKuhl found out I apparenty griefed a diamond building on creative. I hadn’t even seen a diamond house on creative, and CKKuhl said “Oh well, you must’ve been hacked.” I took no word of that. Basicly, Im trying to bring the point up, that I didn’t grief anything.

48 Hours? Long time to wait for this great server. I had no knowlage of a diamond building that CKKuhl said I was banend for griefing…

Oh sorry yes, I meant Dragon_slayer banned me, thanks for pointing it out.

It was some diamond blocks on creative on Animang’s house

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How long ago was this discovered? I havn’t even seen a house made by anima himself, ive seen one building with animas help. But that was squibs hotel which I was invilved in, who even reported this?

In the last week i believe me and brodur found it.

Why would you be creeping around someones house? But anyway, I don’t want to start an argument, I just want to make it clear thatI didn’t grief, I would like to see where abouts it was.

Thats the whole point Zesty. I don’t recall any diamond building on creative. (Unless you count beacons but they’re different)

I found it on the web. Cords: -196,65,1905

i was always under the assupmtion that i the grief is small enough to fix by hand, it shouldn’t be counted as grief. The way this sounds, it sounds like maybe one or two blocks being griefed total. So are we talking about a house-sized grief or like two blocks?

its not a huge grief if anything i want him to be unbanned but it was more than 2 blocks

hell, from what i can tell, its been like 4 hours or so… give him untill like 7:00 your time Dragon, and unban him. or do it now… what ever works, i really don’t see this as a huge issue. this is just my opinion obviously. if you can’t do it tonight, ill do it when i get home from work.

Ill do it when i get home in about 1hour 30mins

I have no problems with what you are doing.