Ban Apeal For zq123

My friend in rl zq was banned for griefing even though his little sister got on his account and started griefing.

hahhahaha, No. if he wants a ban appeal he can make one himself

P.S. the “i wasnt on and someone else did it” doesnt really look good in a ban appeal

Totally agree.

This is not posted by the banned party and that’s just not very good looking… like really? could your friend not sign up and make his own, more detailed, appeal?

Nope. Chucktesta.

Edit: Wtf it only says I have 17 posts? Lies.

Fili, you may have accidentally changed that in your settings.

As for the ban appeal I want to hear it from him. I saw keat did the same thing but apparently there was an error, not sure though. I would like to say yes, but he needs to be more careful. I have younger family and this hasn’t happened to me so I find these excuses kind of irritating. If it really happened that way then, yes but if it happens again then I’m afraid that he probably wouldn’t get unbanned again.

Yes tell zq123 to make a ban appeal him self. Liam and I were the ones who banned him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything that happens on the account is his responsibility, and I bet it’s not even true. Like sip said, he needs to be more careful, I too, have a little sister, (her computer broke btw) she’s a mean little twat but she’s never gone on my minecraft account without permission

Tell your friend to create a forum account and post his own ban appeal. Unless has has a valid excuse for not making his own, we won’t accept your ban appeal in his place.

Make sure you tell him that we do not accept the “My brother/sister/parent/pet did it” excuse. It’s his account and it’s HIS responsibility for everything that happens on it. If he has siblings in his house, he shouldn’t save his login information on Minecraft.