BaileyDease- Ban Appeal


Banned by: Namillo

Reason: Direct Cursing (to stamet) and Disrespecting Staff

Case: I am pleading for a second chance because it is half my fault. yet i will take full responsiblity for my actions and ask for a unban to show u that i can change. How did i disrespect staff btw?

Regards BaileyDease

Please use the proper appeal, disregard capthca

Am i being unbanned if not im gonna write a goodbye letter ;3?

Ok I pieced together your case. -->

Alrighty man… You need to be a bit more sincere in your ban appeals. The winky faces and emoticons make me think you take this as a joke. You disrespected staff by not stopping when i told you both to chill out. reading through the chat messages it sounds like you were in the right. Both of you were banned for direct swearing and ignoring staff requests. If you both would have stopped it wouldnt have resulted in this. lets see what everyone else hast to say before i make a decision.

Unban them both. Pathetic by both of them. Hopefully lessons were learnt…

I am truly sorry the way i acted it is 100% my fault i will take the responsibility if it means i can at least earn Ur respect back i apologize for swearing at stamet and especially you namillo u where only trying to help and i lost it. i don’t get along with people that well mine craft is my get away from the real world i have the most stressful life. i have to do homework. 24/7 i have to train for biking… my life is hectic i only have 4 good friends on the server that i can actually sit n play with (meta, ferr, yom,Grey) everyone else truly gets on my nerves… but yes… i was banned for my actions and i apologize and im asking for ur forgiveness and a second chance

No big deal fella. Weve all lost our temper at one point and time. I’ll unban you right now. We’ll see what stam has to say in her ban appeal if she makes one. Just talk to staff next time so they can resolve the problem before it gets out of hand.

Nam, be sure to lock your ban appeals when you have made a decision.

Directly cussing at someone is a pretty minimal offense. I think a timed ban would have been better, say 15-30 minutes.
At any rate, this is resolved.