Bad Chunk, Can't join.

I wandered into a bad chunk apparently (;topicseen#new). I am able to join but the server crashes, so I stopped.

This is pretty bad considering someone joining can make the whole server crash. Once I have been moved out (or whatever is causing the issue is fixed), please let me know. Until then I will refrain from joining.



I see Johnathan scanning my town. If you’re looking for the issue, it was not there. I had wandered super far into some birch forest biome and then it crashed. I can join very quick if you want my coords.


Okay, I did join a few times more. I have some more helpful info now (at the cost of a few crashes).

Attached is a screenshot of my situation. Perhaps that will help.
My coordinates were: 2880.337 / 61.27600 / -357.534. You should not go there.

Next, I tried doing /home multiple times, and it didn’t work. It seems the server “freezes” when i join, and nothing saves. Also, I do know this is a server problem as I tried logging in at a different computer of ours.

Hope this gets sorted out. ~Derp

John thinks he’s fixed it. Next time, do you think you could test it when there isn’t 20 people trying to play?

Sorry about that, what was the issue?

He thought maybe you were using a mod and somehow got one of the mod items in your inventory

That would not be possible in 1.8, as from 1.7 upwards forge only lets you join forge servers with the correct mods.

Are you sure? I joined with 1.8 Forge while Flans was loaded, I could even see it in my inventory.

Pretty sure it lets you join if you have all the mods of the server plus extras. Otherwise a bunch of harmless mods like NEI wouldn’t work.

There is no flans mod for 1.8…

Forge can tell the difference between server and client mods.

And anyways back in the days of 1.6, I placed a mod block on creative and it only crashed me, not the whole server.

Idk, it could be alot of things…

I went to his last position.

It wasn’t corrupt… So

Just delete ur whole minecraft folder and see if it works?