bad chunk ban

so i was banned coz i am in bad chunk. and im wondering, if u r doing anything to fix it. coz im kinda waiting here, dont know if i should find another simmilar server, or wait. and if i have to wait, say how long… i also made new account, (reset old one) and i wonder if i will still be in that bad chunk. coz i think i would be spawned in spawn. and problem would be gone.

Just wait a while. Bad chunks are hard to fix, i think. There is no definite wait time so I cant give you that

Explain the new account thing. If it is really a new one, you should be able to get on without an issue.

We still don’t know what the cause of the issue is, but we do know it’s not a bad chunk. Somehow certain people are just causing crashes. I have tried deleting their files on the server to no avail, but Id be willing to work with one of the afflicted to try fix ideas. Teamspeak or steam chat for example.

I have time Tuesday to try. Maybe some time before work at 3pm today.

well, i didnt read it yesterday, so today if u have time there is my steam chat nick: daqwid2727

if u could add me there, ill explain everything, give u cordinates where i started crashing server etc. btw im from poland so my time zone is CET (+2, coz its summer).

Could someone send me the crashlog? I figured out that the cause of the issue was corrupted files last time, so maybe I can help again?

No crashlogs exist from these crashes.

All fixed and you are unbanned have fun :slight_smile: